Media Factory

Media Factory is an Emmy award-winning production company that has made documentaries for PBS (US) and RTÉ (Ireland), educational programs for Canal Cl@se (Venezuela), C.E.O. Women and The Chabot Space and Science Center.  The company has produced video for clients like Wired Magazine, Wall Street Journal, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Irish Arts Center, Avenue 32, National Endowment for the Arts, Lego, Discover Channel, UNICEF, Independent Film Channel and the Gates Foundation. Media Factory is also the producer of Irish Film New York and Irish Film Los Angeles, creating both film festivals and filmmaker events and workshops for the Irish filmmaking community in the US.


Media Factory produces award-winning documentaries broadcasting on PBS in the United States and RTÉ in Ireland.  From the history of Filipino-Americans, to the peace process in Northern Ireland, the company works on socially conscious topics that are emotional and enlightening. Its educational programs have been commissioned by Canal Cl@se (Venezuela), C.E.O. Women, and Chabot Space and Science Center.


Media Factory’s has begun production on a new comedy drama called “On The Lig” about the Irish Artists in New York. The company produced a short narrative film in the Philippines about overseas foreign workers called “The Recipe” and novelist Irvine Welsh’s first comedy short called “Nuts” in Ireland.

International Production

Media Factory has an extensive background in international productions producing films that cover the aftermath of Hurricane Haiyan in the Philippines for UNICEF, covering the fight against malaria in Tanzania for Malaria No More on LinkTV and in filming news magazine pieces in Paraguay and Northern Ireland for PBS’ Frontline World.


Media Factory’s corporate clients include Wired Magazine, Lego, Irish Arts Center, Avenue 32, McClaren, Paycycle, NComputing, and Filetek. The company developed Wired Magazine’s first online video offerings, Lego’s first branded content for it’s Mindstorms line and Irish Arts Center’s first video channel.

Production Services

The Media Factory has provided New York based production services for The Gates Foundation, for RTE’s New 1916 Doucmentary Series and Irish based documentary companies.

Film Festivals & Exhibition

The Media Factory produces Irish Film New York and Irish Film Los Angeles. The company has run film events hosting Ireland’s President Higgins at the Lincoln Center and as well as events at Bric Arts Media in Brooklyn, New York Univeristy and The Tribeca Festival.

Media Factory helped produce some of the first video reviews for Wired magazine, they brought an effective, professional, and experienced crew to bear on the project, in a short amount of time and on budget.

Dylan Tweney, Wired Magazine

"Media Factory was a true pleasure to work with. They worked with a constrained schedule and difficult topic and made everything go smoothly. I would highly recommend them.

Tamara Schwarz, Communications Manager, Chabot Space and Science Center

Media Factory were able to take the concept for our series and bring it to life without ever sacrificing on quality or instructional integrity. Their passion and dedication to the project, their professionalism and quality of work is unbeatable.

Farhana Huq, CEO, Creating Economic Opportunity for Women