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Media Factory is working with the Bill Nye and the Chabot Space and Science Center on an exhibition about the environment. We are in preproduction on a film about adoption between the Ireland and the US and we are in post-production with a PBS documentary on the Filipino Farmworker Movement.

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Emmy award-winning film production company
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Grand Café Educational Soap Opera

The Media Factory produced this innovative educational soap opera “Grand Café,” for C.E.O Women. This 18-part series is designed to teach low-income immigrant women how to start their own businesses. This series imparts language and entrepreneurial training through the stories of four immigrant women and their adventures, challenges and triumphs in starting their own businesses in the U.S. The drama segments work to illustrate the educational telecourse.

Latino USA recently highlighted the series in a radio and web video segment:

This is the video blog about the making of The Grand Cafe, an educational soap opera, that the Media Factory is producing for the Oakland-based nonprofit organization C.E.O. Women. The Grand Café is an innovative distance learning series that uses the telenovela (Latin soap opera) format to teach business start-up and English skills to immigrant and refugee women. The series is directed by the Media Factory’s Marissa Aroy and produced by Niall McKay.

Episode 5
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Episode 4

Episode 3

Episode 1

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