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Media Factory is working with the Bill Nye and the Chabot Space and Science Center on an exhibition about the environment. We are in preproduction on a film about adoption between the Ireland and the US and we are in post-production with a PBS documentary on the Filipino Farmworker Movement.

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Emmy award-winning film production company
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On the Lig TV Show raised 12K of 15K on Kickstarter.

It takes guts to be a loser.

They came for the American dream. They got lunch in a dumpster.

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Julie Feeney Live in New York

Julie Feeney’s Life’s Nudge at the Irish Arts Center in New York City. Filmed and Directed by Niall McKay and Edited by Marissa Aroy.

NUTS — A film by Irvine Welsh

Directed byIrvine WelshNuts

Irvine Welsh’s film Nuts is a dark comedy. Underneath the obvious comic elements, there are bigger issues at play: the much overlooked men’s health issue of testicular cancer, and the closeted racism among Ireland’s middle-class professionals. Ireland is a country that has recently undergone dramatic changes, and the comfortable materialistic world that Dominic has built around himself is about to fall apart. This short film is novelist and screenwriter (Trainspotting) Irvine Welsh’s directorial debut. The film was produced by the Media Factory.

Official Selection
Edinburgh International Film Festival
Cork Film Festival
Raindance Film Festival

Media Factory’ Lego Podcasts Gets 134,713 Views

The Media Factory wrote, directed, edited, produced and filmed this video podcast for Lego Mindstorms NXT Robot Division. Lego wanted to market Lego Robots to a cool urban audience. We put our man Lee West on the job and he came up with the “Bro’bot.”

This podcast was filmed, written and directed by the Media Factory and staring Lee West has got 134,713 views on YouTube.


The Media Factory made this short video about PayCycle’s Paycheck Records Product.

Pay Cycle

Pay Cycle